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About Us

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. But, we ask you a question, do you settle for something limited??
Fortunately, we don’t settle from our perspective. A thousand words is limited, which is minuscule to a dictionary, which has countless additions to it, time and again. So, an ordinary skill has a limit. But for an extra-ordinary, there ain’t one. Building on the same philosophy to deliver the extra-ordinary, we capture your moments and frame it in a pod of love and emotion. We illuminate your presence as we cover your gatherings and parties. We move on to reach new heights with established connections and over the odds photography.
We go to any extent to deliver you the best of services available. With our best Snapsters around, you will always be in sync with the aura of a mesmerizing gala. Our flashes enlighten and widen the people’s smile while inching them closer for a shared bond of happiness. We are always prepared to go for the extra-mile to deliver customer satisfaction.

We have managed to expertise photography for various occasions and feel proud to list them here:

  • Social Parties
  • Events
  • Weddings and Family functions
  • Baby Shoots
  • Couple Shoots
  • Portfolios
  • Industrial
  • Products/Table Top
  • And various others.




All of this has been possible, due to the constant support from our Founder, Surya Teja Kandukuri. Someone who has always believed in his instincts to setup a foundation for Snappers around and hence the name, Snapsters.
At Snapsters, people don’t join being some elite photo personnel. Most of snappers here have reinvented themselves and are groomed to perfection. Snapsters isn’t just an ordinary gateway for photo personnel out there. It’s for people who can dream of capturing something, that people can hold close to their heart when they see it. It’s eyeing for that moment, which brings out the best in us.
Our Founder, Surya Teja Kandukuri is a cool and composed person, who has an intimidating presence around him. His vision in seeing things are beyond humane and influences people around him to dream big. His expertise at photography has won him accolades from almost everywhere. With his tactfulness, Snapsters is surely heading the everest way.

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